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Mordhau duel rank list

Weapons make up Mordhau 's main gameplay element, which is combat. Currently, there are over 80 different types of weapons in the game, including one-handed, two-handed, and ranged. It is really difficult to find the best weapon amongst such a huge variety of choices.

That is why we offer you a tier list of the best weapons in Mordhau from best to worst. But remember that even the worst weapon in this list is better than any other one not included here. So they are all very good for different reasons. It is especially effective for slashing attacks that can hit up to three enemies at a timewhich is only possible with a weapon like the Halberd.

Also, you can move halberd in many different ways, which makes it unpredictable and thus hard to counter. If the length of the Halberd intimidates you and you don't want to hurt your teammates in the heat of battle, then consider a War Axe instead.

The damage is a little less than the Halberd, but the War Axe is half the length, which makes it a bit more convenient in close quarter combat.

This sword is probably the only weapon in the game capable of killing two armored enemies with one swing. Executioner's Sword is also an excellent choice for Duel servers, as it has a great reach and excruciating amounts of damage for a two-handed sword.

mordhau duel rank list

The only drawback of this weapon is that it can't be used for combos, but Halberd can't be either and it's still considered one of the most OP weapons in the game. In case combos play an important role in the way you play, then opt for Zweihander instead, an excellent alternative for a more robust Executioner's Sword. This two-handed sword can insta-kill an enemyif you manage to hit them in the back.

This is possible due to its heavy weight, which also makes it kind of slow. Crossbow may not be the most powerful ranged weapon in the game, but it definitely has the fastest projectiles. It's pretty slow when it comes to reloading, but the accuracy and the range are unequaled. Hence crossbow is a great weapon if you like taking precise headshots even from the greatest of distances.

Who doesn't like to do that? If the Crossbow reload time is killing you, then Long Bow is the best alternative. Though its equip cost is rather high, really. Long Bow allows you to reload when moving, which isn't possible when using the Crossbow.

It makes for a more mobile playstyle. The speed of the Long Bow projectile is slower than that of the Crossbow, so keep this in mind when choosing between the two. Here's a weapon that is perfect for duels. It's not terribly fast on the swing, but the damage is incredibly high. If you manage to get the momentum of your swings right, then it can easily kill a heavy armored player with one swing regularly.

Maul would be an excellent choice for the Bloodlust build. If that's what you're going after, then this weapon is a perfect fit. With certain perks this could become a really good ranged weapon for any archer build you're aiming for.

Mordhau Introduces Ranked Beta For Duels

Falchion is a very fast one-handed weapon that does a decent amount of damage. Players call it the short Zweihander due to its high power level. Its slashing damage is especially effective, but look elsewhere if you're looking for stabbing damage as well. For example, Short Spear may fit your criteria a little better. It has a massive stabbing damage, which is great for penetrating heavy armor, and the throws can be almost as accurate as those of an archer.Thankfully, developer Triternion is already one step ahead.

In the latest major update to Mordhauan official ranked 1v1 duelling mode was added to the game. Although the new one-on-one game mode is still in beta, Mordhau players jumped at the chance to see how they ranked against their fellow warriors.

The duelling system implements Elo ranking, adding a considerable competitive element to the game with players duking it out to win the top spot. Considering the degree of skill and mechanical ability required by the game, competitive esports for Mordhau seems possible.

The update that added the new ranked system also brought with it a handful of gameplay enhancements and balance updates. The crossroads map has been expanded for improved utility, cavalry has been fine-tuned to reduce power and gain utility, and further improvements have been added to reduce player griefing.

One of the more notable changes in this update is the buff to combat kicking in-game. Kicks have been adjusted to be performed quicker, have longer range,and cost less stamina.

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Among these improvement plans are the two new and highly-anticipated maps Feitoria and Castello. Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system.

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Mordhau – Ranks With Items They Unlock (Rank Prizes)

Official Announcements. All News. Syndicated News. This hotfix introduces several tweaks to game balance and also contains CPU performance improvements. Please note, that the player servers are experimental and we will be monitoring them to see how they perform. The second Hotfix addresses various things such as Invasion balancing for Castello, Crossroads and Mountain Peak, as well as some other gameplay and UI tweaks.

This first Hotfix of Patch 17 mainly addresses the Horde crashes and Toolbox placement checks. In addition it also contains numerous miscellaneous fixes and tweaks.

This patch contains various bug fixes, improvements and balance changes, including things such as the ability to jump kick, use kicks with more equipment, adjustments for held shield mode and the ability to bind the console key in options.

mordhau duel rank list

Please remember to rebind your console key in options, since a lot of you have used. This patch contains a little bit of everything. Two new Invasion scenarios, one on Grad and one on Crossroads, three new skins, and a new structure for the toolbox. This allows held blocks to be used to hold choke points while making it less desirable in 1v1.

And of course, what better way to wish you happy holidays than by sprinkling the patch with some time-limited festive content. Happy holidays! Patch Hotfix 3. Just a small client side patch that fixes the tutorial from being non-completeable due to the catapult not reaching far enough. Sorry about that! Patch Hotfix 2. See More Content.

No more content. So sad. You can help: share a screenshot, make a video, or start a new discussion! Back to top. Returning to where you were last on this page All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Mordhau Guide: Best Weapons Tier List

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Lets all rank the maps as each individual sees them in their own experience. At least Feitoria has a huge castle and the battles are sometimes exiting, and the obj is more fun than taiga, having to kill 3 nobles at the end although the way the devs made it so that the nobles can hide like rats in that tavern is terrible however reds are incredibly disadvantaged on feitoria in frontlinecuz their first and second spawn point is so far away from the castle they have to walk almost a minute to get there, so what even if they take the first point in the castle, they get pushed back once and their whole progression is negated cuz by the time they get back to the fight it has already been taken, while the blues spawn way closer to that obj point.

I almost haven't seen reds win on frontline except times when the red team had a lot of good players and it was still hard. I can go on but I'll leave it like that. The map is aesthetically beautiful but that's not enough to justify its imbalances and I just hate playing on it and it rarely gets picked on the votelist only reason is being that invasion came out which is slightly more enjoyable than frontline.

I regularly get stucked on rocks and trees on this map for some reason and I;ve seen other ppl get stuck as well which is extremely annoying.

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It has no real obj whatsoever except hold the 2 point obj which is boring af. It's filled with horses and since red has the advantage on this map idk why but it does most of the time red is holding if not both points than at least the center while half their team is playing horse fag loadouts farming blues while they try to reach the centre. The mortar is enjoyable to play but it's not enough to make this map wanted or fun. Invasion has made it a lot more meaningful but its next to impossible for the blues to succeed in defending the king since when he goes far enough around the map the blues literally spawn 1 mile behind him, so the way to win is for the blue team to have at least very competent guys and the reds have to be a noob team.

I've played this map when it was only an open field with horses the name was horsefields and it was more enjoyable than what it turned out to be, it was simple, like a chill deathmatch type of map, which still didn;t have an obj but it didn't need one.

To this day I hate playing on it and I only play it if there is no other map or server filled with a lot of players. When Blues attack, the Reds have one commander that is in open field with few available space and a tower to get shot from. Meanwhile Blues can enjoy a castle that can be blocked with a few toolbox spam. On Mountains the starting spawn gives a huge edge to the Blues, because they are way closer to the objective and their final objective of pushing a cart is way easier to do than burning specific tents.

Frontline mode is awful though, the Blues spawn are right next to the capture points while Reds need to walk a long mile before getting to it. I tried to play Chivalry the other day and while the gameplay feel like trash now the map design was really nice.

I mean in Mordhau the maps look good but they seriously need to rethink of the spawns distance and nature of the objectives that are easy as hell for one side. I agree with you on everything you said. Chiv gameplay is trash but almost every map is very well made AND balanced, something triternion fails to do.

Honestly the mordhau maps are even better looking than the chiv ones, if the devs move a few spawn point closer on some maps and banalce some other things its gonna be way better, but i guess they don't listen to the community at all. Forums General Discussion. Taiga belongs on the bottom. I have never had fun on that map in my life.

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Count Taiga is like Mountains but reversed for Reds. Closest starting spawn and easy final objective. Only map that is more or less balanced would be Camp and Crossroads. I like mountain peak. Mostly because of frames but still a nice and simple map. Page 1 of 1.

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Connect with us.Armour b. Weapons i. Cleaver ii. Bear Trap iii. Falchion iv. Kite Shield v. Maul vi. Toolbox c. Other i.

Banner Emblem. Armour i. Helmet ii. Pointy Templar Heavy 1. Helmet b. Smoke Bomb ii. Warhammer iii. Pavise Shield iv. Bastard Sword v. Halberd c. Clover Emblem. Spanish Kettle Medium 1. Hood Lowered 1. Neck iii. Leather Arms 1. Arms iv. Wanderers Gloves 1.

Advanced Dueling Guide - Mordhau (Movement, Offense, Defense, Settings, Builds)

Hands v. Wanderers Pants 1. Legs vi. Footmans Splinted Greaves Medium 1. Legs vii. Landsknecht Sandals 1. Feet b. Buckler ii. Rapier iii. War Axe iv. Crossbow v.One of the most important divergences that Mordhau takes from the path set by the previous best-in-class medieval brawler Chivalry, for those wondering is its Perks system. It allows you to perform much better in 1vX fights which happens a lot in Mordhau, as we all knowand to stay in the fight for much longer without having to step back and heal.

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Dodge is the other ridiculously game-changing perk available in Mordhau, this time at just 4 points still costly for a perk, but incredible value for money.

Whereas Bloodlust is your friend for 1vX situations, Dodge is the king of 1v1 combat — though it is also very useful in certain larger team match situations.

Dodge is the only perk that affords you an extra move to use during fights, allowing you to dodge quickly backwards or sideways by tapping Jump and moving in that direction.

Otherwise impossible-to-avoid attacks can be neatly dodged with this perk, giving you a distinct advantage as long as you know when to use it. Friendly is a fantastic and underrated perk that might as well increase your maximum health on Frontline and Team Deathmatch.

mordhau duel rank list

Scavengeranother 1-cost perk that hides its true worth at first glance, is in truth another game-changing perk that you can use to subvert the whole idea of using points to balance out different character loadouts. Know what this means? Second Wind is just wonderful in 1v1 situations — a simple 2-cost perk that supplies you with 3 extra stamina with every successful hit. Stamina is important in any situation.

Ranger is of course a bit more niche, because it applies only to archers, but for those archers it is all but a necessity to pick up this perk. This one increases your movement speed while aiming with any bow — Longbow, Recurve Bow, or Crossbow.

And, with Patch 7, Ranger only costs 1 point instead of 2, which means you can pick it up alongside…. This is a godsend of a Perk as an archer facing off against other archers in a large Frontline match.

A good archer can absolutely determine the course of a match, and sometimes the only thing that can deal with one good archer is another. Fireproof is not a perk I thought would be necessary when I first started playing, but as time went on and I saw just how many Fire Bomb-abusers there are in Mordhau at the moment, it occurred to me to pick this perk up once in a while when I had 1 point to spare.

If there were an AB-Tier, it would live happily there on its own. Cat is not as fun as it sounds. Alas, all Cat does is reduces fall damage by half. Yeah, it can save your life sometimes. Flesh Wound is hilarious. Which for many of you will be reason enough to pick it anyway. In terms of actual benefits… yeah, not much. But seriously, who wants a perk that only comes into effect when you die?While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you.

We hope that this guide will help you. Armour b. Weapons i. Cleaver ii. Bear Trap iii. Falchion iv. Kite Shield v. Maul vi. Toolbox c. Other i. Banner Emblem. Armour i. Helmet ii. Pointy Templar Heavy 1. Helmet b. Smoke Bomb ii. Warhammer iii. Pavise Shield iv. Bastard Sword v. Halberd c. Clover Emblem.


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